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Welcome to 3rd SHUTTER SHINE - 2022

Dear Friends of Photography, Welcome to Himalayan Photography of Nepal. We are happy to present 3rd SHUTTER SHINE - 2022. We are thankful to all affiliating body, who give us the permission to present this exhibition. We are also thankful to all photographers who support us. We believe to get your support and cooperation as previous Year to make this event also a Grand Success.


Open Monochrome

Only if it gives the impression of having no color (i.e. contains only shades of gray which can include pure black and pure white)

Open Color

Free subject any kind of color works: Still Life, Product, Objects, Music & Dance, Food, Fine Art, Fashion, Conceptual, Beauty, Abstract, Science and Research.

People [ Mono+ Color ]

There will not be only a single person in the frame. More than one persons create the concept of people, so follow the rule. The participant may use colour or monochrome files. But only the simple corrections are allowed, like dodging, burning, cropping etc. No addition or subtractions are allowed in this section.


Seascapes, Panorama, Nightscape, Mountains, Macro, Landscapes, Underwater, Trees, Star Trail, Flowers & Plants, Birds, Environmental, Astrophotography, wildlife.

Photo Travel

Any kind of Travel Photography, Trip memories & Adventures , Street Photography, Documentary, Photojournalism, Daily Life, Culture.